Front Garden , 8am Saturday, heavy rain, gorgeous colours

29 May 2010

front garden , 8am, heavy rain, gorgeous colours

Had the most wonderful sleep-in this morning.
The whole house slept in, even the cats.

So breakfast was late and then a slow coffee reading yesterday's paper.
And then another coffee, you know how it goes.

I have spent hours cutting out doll's clothes, choosing colours and combinations , I really really enjoy this part. love the pretty colours.
I never knew it was possible to have so many shades of red and that polka dots could look so different from one fabric to the next.

I am just about to cut out the pieces for my special project which, given that I have four thousand other things to do, I am expecting will take me quite some time. it will be my hobby project.

Than it will be time to get the fire alight and think about putting the roast on for dinner.
We are all enjoying our 1965 menu so far.  
Two days down and five to go.

I am also reading Sharon Astyk's book "Depletion and Abundance". 
Very readable and a well thought out book, much like the writing on her blog.

Hope you are having a happy weekend.

4 Responses to “Front Garden , 8am Saturday, heavy rain, gorgeous colours”

  1. Happy weekend to you too, the garden looks dreamy.

  2. The rain held up my daughter India's big bike ride for 2 days and then she had to backtrack today as the road was closed due to flooding!

  3. Glad you have survived the lashing rain Jenny, it's reached us now. Monday is a day off for us and a similar sleep in was had here.

  4. What a glorious garden picture. Right down to the festive bunting. How is the menu being received by the family? :-)


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