the dolly rug

5 May 2010

the new doll blanket

The new dolly rug

Laura and the new doll blanket made by me

Modelled by dear old Laura

The new doll blanket lined with vintage pillowslip fabric



I backed it with a piece of cloth from a vintage pillow slip.

Laura and the old doll blanket crocheted by my Gran about 45 years ago

Here is the rug that inspired my efforts.

Laura and the old doll blanket crocheted by my Gran

Made for me by my Granny about 45 years ago


It has been badly savaged by moths


I adore this fabric, don't you?


11 Responses to “the dolly rug”

  1. Hi Jenny, very cute love the colours!

  2. The new rug is so sweet & happy; what a great idea! The older rug is so dear. That backing fabric is so pretty; I love it too! Laura must be very cozy. :)

  3. Hi Jenny,

    Gorgeous rugs-- both old and new :)Isn't it nice to look at something made especially for you so long ago :)

  4. I love the rug! Beautiful dolls. You are very talented! :-)

  5. Jenny I love your little blanket and the inspiration behind it, how adorable xo

  6. Hullo Little Jenny Wren

    So sweet that that was the name your Granny called you. I have been enjoying your blog for some time now here in South Africa. Love all your pics and the homeliness of the things you say. Keep it up . Your dolls are sooo cute. If I ever have grand children. I am going to buy one.

  7. Ilove the rug and the backing material. So nice to be inspired by your grandmother. I am always inspired by mine and she passed away twenty years ago.

  8. Beautiful, the perfect time of year for a dolly (or human!) rug. It must be getting cool down your way now.

  9. Very sweet.
    I do love the backing on the one your grandmother made.

    I see that by "rug" you mean what I would call an afghan. I was thinking you meant rug for the floor, to walk on.

  10. Beautiful! To keep moths out of my things, I put a little patchouli oil on a cotton ball (this method dates back to old times on ships!). I sometimes use bay leafs around the kitchen, too!


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