Crochet pattern, sort of.

26 May 2010

The scarf I crocheted for my sister-in-law.

While my wrists were sore from too much scrolling on the computer I found they also felt very tired when I did any knitting so I turned to crochet.

You have seen my Grandma Twinkles effort, I ran out of yarn so they are still twinkling in the bowl on the table.

I decided to make a small scarf for my sister-in-law for her birthday. 
I started out doing this, pattern here

But, apart from the fact that I kept losing my place when I put it down to attend to something else, I had a feeling it might be a bit two fussy for her.

So I made up my own 'design'. 
I made a set-up row of 17 chain stitches and then  3 rows of 16 treble crochet, 3 rows of 16  double treble and one row of  3 x treble into every third gap in the preceding row of double treble and then then two rows of 3x treble into the space made by the previous row ( like when you are doing a Granny square). 
Sorry I have no idea really of how to write down a crochet pattern but if you look at the scarf you can see what I did.  
Also US people use different crochet terms and I don't know what they are.

I used an 8ply wool and bamboo mix so it a lovely drapey weight and has a nice sheen from the bamboo.
I used a 4.5mm hook and it took almost 100g of yarn. It's about 140cm long and 9cm wide and is surprisingly comfortable and warm to wear.
It's just the right size to keep a neck warm without getting in the way when you are doing things.
Kate now wants one and I would rather like one myself.

I took the photo below in my bedroom mirror, its at least 100 years old and and gives a pleasantly blurry image, a comfortable image for a face that's half as old as the mirror.

The scarf I crocheted for my sister-in-law, taken in a 100 year old mirror.

9 Responses to “Crochet pattern, sort of.”

  1. Oh Jenny, I love the scarf and the colour is beautiful! I have a feeling I might need one for myself in green :-) I also love the fact that you have a piece of ric rac in your hand :-)

  2. Thanks Julie. The ric rac is my camera strap.

  3. I love this post for two reasons: first, as someone who's knitting-impaired it's great to see fun crochet projects, and second, I'm going to steal your ric rac idea! It's so cute . . . thanks!

  4. The scarf is lovely...I love the color and the crochet pattern. One of these days, I'll have to try it.

  5. Thanks for the pattern Jenny,it looks easy enough to try, I like quickly finished projects.I'm going to make one for my next birthday gift.I can just see it wrapped in tissue and tied with ric rac.

  6. I love the scarf. I too get sore wrists and alternate between knitting and crochet!

  7. you're tempting me to crochet again - that is a very pretty scarf. last time i crocheted, i made a scarf for my sister but somehow i kept adding stitches so it was much wider at one end. i blocked it into something presentable!

  8. What a lucky recipient to receive that scarf! The colour is very striking too, I might add.
    Tracy :-)


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