15 May 2010

new cushion, found at a local market

Another shop update comes and goes and there is not a thing in the shop. 
So sorry. 
They are here waiting to be photographed but time and the light got away from me.

I have been busily finishing a couple of custom orders and an emergency doll , needed for a Tuesday birthday, posted off yesterday just before the post box was cleared  and without having his photo taken. 
Oh well.

Rumpled bed - love these colours together

I'm enjoyed a quiet cuppa in a quiet house.
Andy is at a breakfast at Cafe Blue with his Football team, a team building exercise for a team that is yet to win a match - depressing times.

Stephen and Kate are at Kate's hockey game , they will be back in half an hour or so and then we are having a hearty brunch.

So I have popped on to the computer for a quick chat and then as the sunshine is now on the couch in the corner and it has been a particularly chilly morning,
made worse by the fact that I got up early and left the back door open for the cats to come and go so that I could enjoy my cosy bed without having to jump in and out  to let little catty people in and out for their morning ablutions and whatever else a cat must do,
as I said ,
the sun is so warm wand cosy so I'll do a little knitting or reading before kitchen duty calls me.


6 Responses to “Cosy”

  1. We are having chilly (for us) mornings.

  2. It's chilly here too and I'm so happy about after the hot summer. Bring on winter!


  3. I do lovel your cosy pictuers - we seem to be at the point where our seasons match, as we also keep the door open then get cold this Spring!

    I've found a tiny little vintage Tasmanian/French item and I'll be including it in my post on Tuesday, thinking of my Tasmanian friends...

  4. hello from the UK, love your posts.
    cosy times ahead for you, while we are gearing up for summer ..well as hot as a UK summer can be, it is chilly here today x


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