Book Binding

21 May 2010

 Kate has been writing an anthology of poetry for school.

She wanted to present it in a hand made book, hand made by me!

One time and one time only have I ever made a book, following a tutorial given by Isis.

 She wanted just one piece of each colour so that the book looked like a rainbow.

So I tried, I couldn't really remember what to do and binding through one sheet of paper was perilous with a couple of tears( and almost tears, sob, sob for me)   in the paper but it turned out kind of OK.

Kate was thrilled so I guess that's all that matters.

6 Responses to “Book Binding”

  1. Well done, Kate! That looks so effective. Might have to check out that tutorial. :-)
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Hi Tracy, the tutorial isn't on line. we did it at a Brown Owls craft meeting.

  3. How nice! good job! She will treasure this book for her whole life...

  4. Wonderful book! This will be one of those special memories for her...

  5. Good job Mom. It's wonerful that Kate still looks to you for help with school projects. That is a treasure of great price. But I suspect you already know that :).

  6. I think it looks fab and I do like that rainbow effect! I haven't done book binding in ages, hmmmmm...yes, that's what I need, yet another craft project :)


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