24 May 2010

Apple pie for dessert. 

Little green apples from the tree, outrageously crisp and sweet.

Not my usual pie crust, recipe from the River Cottage book.

Stephen and Kate are both unwell with a nasty cold.

Stephen's special request was apple pie and whipped cream.

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  1. My goodness, that is the yummiest apple pie I've seen in a long while! What a nice Mum to make it for someone poorly. I bet it did the trick!

  2. ugh, colds are no fun. the apple pie is sure to make them better. love you blog!

  3. Hmmm. I have a quirky mind, because as soon as I read about your little green apples, an old song about "God didn't make, little green apples, and it don't rain, etc, etc, in the summertime, etc."
    But I digress. The pie looks delicious and I am sure it was well received at your end!

  4. OMGoodness! I just started a d-i-e-t today! And I click on your wonderful blog and there it is - staring me in the face...temptation in the form of this delicious looking pie!!

  5. Oh, I want to be sick at your house! ;)


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