1965 menu

29 May 2010

OK so here is the 1965 moderate cost menu.

In the notes comparing it with the low cost menu it seems that the main difference is meats at lunch time, sometimes bacon at breakfast, more eggs, fats and sugars plus the use of convenience and ready to eat products. 
The Liberal cost menu adds in even more convenience foods ( frozen vegetables and fruit,canned vegetables,ready prepared cakes etc.) which is interesting plus more expensive cuts of meat.

 The table below is a comparison of the three menus

Interesting to note what increases and decreases over the three menus.
The increased sugar in the liberal cost menu is actually just maple syrup for the pancakes and extra jam ( jelly) but as there are also more convenience foods there would no doubt be hidden sugars and fats in those.

 I have included a copy of the Liberal Costs meal plan and the Low Cost so you can compare

 I think I prefer the Low Cost menu of the three, it is closer to how my family normally eat.
What do you think?

3 Responses to “1965 menu”

  1. I definitely find the low cost mealplan more appetising.

  2. I would be very interested to find out how much the low cost menu would actually work out with the price of food these days...
    I think it would be more a moderate price...
    If I ate that much food for a moderate meal in one day...
    I wouldn't be able to walk...
    I saw Oprah one day and she was talking to a "foodie" type who wrote a book about healthy eating....
    he said..."Don't buy anything that your Grandma wouldn't recognize as food"
    Good point...

  3. The low cost meal plan definietly looks yummy. Your lucky family getting to try it for a week.

    And the other benefit, it takes time out meal planning! I am always astounded at how long it takes me to work out our meals for the fortnight.


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