Vintage fabric

15 Apr 2010

I have known this floral fabric my whole life.
I just love its soft colours, so pretty.

It features Australian flowers; red gum blossoms, flannel flower, tea tree, waratah .
On the other side is bottle brush, native heath, and a couple of other lily looking flowers that I would need my mum to identify for me.

This isn't really a cushion cover, it has my brother's name written inside it and an envelope- like flap held safe with a press stud. 
I think Mum may have made it as a book bag for my brother for school.

I can't really remember where in the house this fabric was, I associate it with my brother's room but I think it may have originally been used for curtains in the dining room.

My parents home was built mostly by them, with tradesmen doing what they couldn't do themselves.
It took them three years to build it and they moved in just before I was born in 1959.
I don't know if Mum was buying fabric and making soft furnishings as the house was being built or if she waited until they moved in.

In typical Mum fashion none of the seams on this little bag have been finished in any way, the most she ever did was bind the seams or pink the seam allowance but rarely.
Nothing ever unravelled.
Just think of the thousands and thousands of meters of thread that is used by overlocking machines these days mostly on clothes that are only worn for one or two seasons, perhaps not even handed down to younger siblings.

So now this little scrap of the 1950s is gracing my couch, whisking me back to my early childhood, even though I have washed and ironed it I can still smell my first home when I press it to my face.

If you want to see more beautiful Australian native flowers have a look here

5 Responses to “Vintage fabric”

  1. That's a nice trip down memory lane. Recently, my mother gave me a couple of bags of her sewing notions and scraps of fabric. I could remember the dresses/skirts the hem scraps are from, and the pillows that some of the other scraps were left of, even a bit from a hand stitched mattress cover. Small treasures.

  2. What a great post--and I love the fabric. Thank you for sharing it.

    As for me, I have scrap quilts my grandmother made from outgrown or worn out clothing. Sometimes I look at the bits and pieces of fabric in the quilt and remember another day.

  3. Love the fabric, and the memories. Funny you mentioned the serger....mine broke last year and I can't really say that I've missed it.....I'm really enjoying just sewing again. And nothing has fallen apart!
    Linda in GA

  4. The round cushion is fab!!!
    Would you have the pattern?
    Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Oh what a lovely story, to go with beautiful materiel. My mother passed away last summer and were in the process of sorting things out. What treasuers we have found whisking us down memory lane. Not sure how we will part with anything but it has to be done. The odd bits of our childhood is a welcome addition on my book. I have a bean bag my mother made for me out of an old dress of hers. She even used the trim on it. I had the only periwinkle lace trimmed bean bag that I knew of :)


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