Still Life with Duck

30 Apr 2010

from the kitchen window

I went out to the kitchen after everyone had left for school and work to make myself a cup of coffee to drink in the sun on the window seat.

Out the kitchen window I saw the four black hens and Charlie the duck standing very tall  on the edge of the garden trying to soak up as much warmth from the sun as they possibly could.
They looked so funny, they made me laugh.

It's a bit chilly here this morning.
Perhaps I should have offered them a hot drink.

They have been having porridge for breakfast lately but I didn't give them any this morning , just lots of scraps.

Of course by the time I got my camera they had started looking for food again and 'the still life with duck' had been abandoned.
Nothing like chooks and ducks for a little free entertainment.

3 Responses to “Still Life with Duck”

  1. yes it's that time of the year...find the warm spot and try not to move too far.

    cheers Kate

  2. Sunpuddles! That's the word we use for them. The cat is a master of finding sunpuddles!


  3. You don't offer Charlie and the girls a cup of tea with their porridge? :-o


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