running and jumping and throwing.

29 Apr 2010

 School athletics carnival today.

We were blessed with perfect weather after yesterday's wet winteriness.

Lots of kids spending a lot of time just walking around eating 

Lots of others trying very hard and testing themselves to be the best they can, fast or slow.

That's Kate below, in red. 
How long are those legs!
She didn't win but she didn't come last and she is finding out that she is stronger and tougher than she thought.

Andy did win the Long Jump. so good for him. 
He will compete in the interschool carnival in a few month's time.  

And me, I did some knitting and cheering and chatting and snacking and then Stephen turned up to give me a lift home. 


2 Responses to “running and jumping and throwing.”

  1. What a nice day. I don't miss all those years of firing the starting gun though, lol.

  2. Hi Jenny enjoy those days they are such fun times,they grow up so quick.We used to always go and support, real fun days.


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