24 Apr 2010

Some of my Flickr favourites from the past week.
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I can't spend too much time on the computer as my hands and wrists quickly tell me to take a break.

I am listening to rain falling  and thinking that's not so good because today is Andy's first football game of the season.

The church up the road is having a giant garage sale ( car boot sale) today so if it's not raining too much I will go up there early to spot a bargain - maybe.

The rest of Australia is just starting a long weekend but in Tassie ANZAC Day is commemorated on 25th April and there is no extra holiday because the 25th is on a Sunday.
  I don't know why we are different.

I hope it doesn't rain for the Dawn service and ANZAC Day marches tomorrow.
It's a great day to remember the sacrifices of past and present  generations, I always find it a very emotional time watching the march and listening to the service at the Centotaph.
It's a good day to pray for peace and pray for people whose lives are still being affected by the horrors of war and to think about ways you can work against injustice and discrimination in your own home and community.

4 Responses to “Random”

  1. Such a treasure trove of links thanks Jenny. Yes I saw the weather forecast for your part of the world, I think Andy will be playing in the mud. We had an unseasonably hot night last night, it looks like we'll have storms later.

  2. It does not make sense Jenny, I am in Vic., they will commemorate Anzac Day on Sunday, the public transport (buses) will run, BUT, no buses on Monday a public holiday????

    Lest We Forget

  3. I hope you found a bargain at the car boot sale.
    My husband marched today here in Melbourne, to show his respect for his Father and the men that fought along side his Father in the 2/23rd. My FIL(now deceased)was a Rat of Tobruk.
    I was unable to go and watch as my back is acting up today. So I have been watching the March on tv. An emotional moment for me was when they talked about a Mother that saw seven of her sons go to war and only three returned. It would break your heart.
    Lest We Forget.

  4. I too get emotional watching the march and service on tv. I think it's silly to have a public holiday on Monday.
    Lovely rain here yesterday. It has been a dry April.
    Take care.



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