10 Apr 2010


This little one, Jilly, from early last year, is made from undyed and/or organically produced fibres and fabrics.

Her skin is an undyed, natural coloured organic cotton,
her skin is kind of the same colour as mine.

She is stuffed with the softest organically produced wool fleece.
I always stuff my dolls with wool and love working with its softness but I was amazed by the difference when I used this organic fleece. 
I think they come from the same kind of sheep, merino, just different treatment.


Her dress is  undyed organic baby alpaca, so soft it melts in your hands. 
I embroidered her eyes with the same yarn. 
The thread for her little mouth is DMC embroidery thread, the only dyed component.

Her hair is some locally produced and spun undyed mohair.


There is something about a tiny soft little thing like this that makes you want to protect it.
I think I will make one for myself as well as some to share, she is rather special.

I will be making some of these little dolls for the Niche Market coming up in three weeks time. 
For various reasons I didn't make it to Mathildas Market in Hobart a few weeks ago but I will definitely be at Niche which will be in a different venue, The Boathouse, just for this first 2010 market.

10 Responses to “Precious”

  1. she does look very soft and cuddly. The dress is just gorgeous.

  2. She's charming Jenny, I love the chocolate brown dress.

  3. Hi Jenny.!

    Absolutely adore the little doll in brown knitted dress named Jilly. Will I be able to order one just like her. Will be in touch Jenny. Best of luck with all your gorgeous dolls at the Niche Market.


  4. Oh, darling! I love the little dress!

  5. Hi Jenny
    She is adorable,and she does look like she needs to be cuddled alot.Love her,amazing that we can see the softness,especially her hair.great work.

  6. I agree! There is something about a doll that is made of all natural products that makes you feel the care for the earth that goes into every can you help but fall in love?!

  7. So sweet. You do amazing work and it is wonderful to see that you use natural products.

  8. I have the original Jilly--my house pixie, and she is my treasure.
    I enjoy her immensely.

  9. Oh Sherri, so lovely to hear from you. You still have the one and only Jilly the house pixie. I could never make another exactly the same.

  10. I look forward to hearing from you Camilla.


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