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26 Apr 2010

Perfect start to the new week:

Knock on the door at 5am, 
a policeman and woman...
Our car has been stolen...
from our driveway!!!!!!

Perfect start - I don't think so.

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  1. OH NO!!!! That is not a good start to the week, Hope they find it soon and all is still ok with it
    and everything still intact.
    Good luck

  2. Goodness Jenny, how horrible.
    Big hugs,

  3. oh no!! I'm assuming because they came to your door that they have found the car?? What happens next?

    How horrible too, to think that while you were all sleeping someone was so close to you, taking your things. That would scare me.

    Hope you aren't inconvenienced for too long.

    cheers Katet

  4. Hi Kate, no they haven't found the car. A neighbour saw something suspicious ( we haven't talked to him yet). He actually chased them up the street, and then rang the police. The people who stole the car had abandoned another car further up the street and set light to it and then gone looking for another car to get away in. Stephen had left the car unlocked and with the keys in it, meaning to go back later and lock up but went off to bed forgetting all about it.
    I agree the yuckiest part is knowing that nasty types have been on our property, walked down our driveway past the children's bedrooms and then took our car - YUCK.

  5. Oh Jenny, how horrible. I am sorry to hear about your car and hope you get it back safe and sound, asap.

  6. Oh! That is so horrible. I agree, the worse part would be knowing that these people have been on your property.
    Hugs to you all.

  7. Oh dear Jenny, that is terrible, a shocking feeling, not only losing the car, but to know someone has invaded your private space like that. Please keep us informed.

  8. Sorry to hear such bad news,It's so invasive other people taking our things.Hope they can find it soon, and all is fine. Take care Linda

  9. Hi Jenny, Thank goodness for your neighbour. Hope you get some better news today.

  10. That isn't a good way to start the week Jenny. Sorry to hear. Hopefully they will find it soon.

  11. Oh, no! What a pain. I hope they find your car in good condition and catch the mongrels who took it. Such an inconvenience.


  12. oh no, how terrible. I hope something bright and cheerful comes your way soon. . .

  13. That is horrible!
    I sure hope that you get your car back and that they catch these criminals.

  14. That's terrible! I'm so sorry that's happened to you.

  15. That's not the start to a week I'd be wishing for either.

    I hope your car is found in one piece and returned to you quickly.

  16. Oh, what awful news! I can't believe that after 15 years of living in Melbourne this has never happened to us, I hope you have a positive outcome to the situation.

  17. Oh Jenny...I'm so sorry. Well, maybe some comfort can be taken in the fact they stole the car and left you and your family alone. I hope they catch the thieves and you get your car back soon.

    With all best wishes,

    Anna Marie

  18. What a pain. I'm thinking it was your ONLY car too. Wishing the best for you.


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