Little Meg finds a home.

13 Apr 2010


The little doll, Meg went into the shop late this afternoon and sold immediately.

So sorry if you were hoping to buy her.

There will be a little 15cm (6") doll going in to the shop tomorrow, hopefully in the morning Australian time


I am wondering about the best way to sell the dolls so that everyone has a chance to get a doll.

Do I announce the sale time on the shop , say 1 hour before and then pop the doll/dolls into the shop at the set time?

Do I "raffle" the dolls off like Christina on Bamboletta, where the dolls are shown on the blog, a comment is left by those who want a particular doll and then a name drawn out of a hat to decide who gets to buy the doll?

Should I just put dolls in the shop once a month, say 6 dolls, and first in first served?

Should I change nothing?

 I would love to hear your suggestions....

Oh ,and there are two is one custom places available because of a cancellation, one for May and one for August if anyone is interested.
Just email me at littlejennywrendolls(@) if you want to know more.

 Remember you can subscribe to the shop in google reader or bloglines and whatever other readers there are, that way you can see when the shop has been updated. Just keeping the shop page open won't necessarily show you when it has been updated unless you regularly refresh the page.


9 Responses to “Little Meg finds a home.”

  1. She is adorable - Im not suprised she was snapped up! Her little head scarfe is so cute.

    I like the idea of seeing the dolls here on your blog and being able to put your name in the hat if your interested in buying him/her. I guess in the end it really comes down to what is the easiest for you to manage too.

    Nic xxx

  2. Your dolls Jenny are so beautiful that no wonder they are being snapped up in record time.
    I love the shoes especially the colour. Maybe you need to employ elves or brownies to do the work of a night for you so your customers will all have a chance to own one??

    Blessing to you Jenny.


  3. Wow Jenny, you must be so thrilled that your dolls are so popular and your doll shop is such a success!! I think that you should just put the dolls in the shop, but maybe show them on the blog a day or so before you add them to etsy. Maybe every third (or so) doll you make you can 'raffle' on the blog so then some people who don't see the initial post can have a chance.

    I also am happy I can comment through Blogger again-- I could never post with Disqus so now I can start commenting again!

    By the way, my verification word is "kewtdoll"--- how appropriate!!!

  4. Hi Rose and Ivy, I love it when the word verifications suit the blog and I am glad that you can now leave comments.

  5. HI Melissa, as long as the brownies and elves can work for cake crumbs they are welcome to come and help

  6. Hi Jenny I agree with Rose and Ivy to do both.Raffel and the shop.Although people could also put their name down for a cutom babe.
    Looking forward to the next exciting doll creation.Take care. Linda

  7. The prettiest outfit yet! Love the colour combo. Do you find yourself making summery clothes for the dolls in Summer and warmer outfits when we move into Autumn and Winter? You could always ebay them and that way they would be up for auction and there would be more chances per doll. At the end of the day its what is easiest for you though.

  8. With dolls this gorgeous, I am not surprised they are in high demand!
    It would be nice if you could clone yourself, then there would be plenty of dolls to go around:)


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