Last Tomatoes of Summer

8 Apr 2010

Last of the tomatoes

Gorgeous busy day here today.
Soft sunny day after a glorious rainy night.

Everyone was in a hummy mood. 
Everything felt balanced and right.
We are still on Easter break and Stephen has time off too.

My head is bursting with doll ideas but my hands can't work fast enough and besides life is always happening all around me and I can't just watch.

4 Responses to “Last Tomatoes of Summer”

  1. An Easter harvest - looks wonderful!

  2. Beautiful tomatoes! Nothing is better than fresh home grown tomatoes. I would grow them in a crack in the cement if I had to. I'm longing for a tomatoe sandwich about now:)

  3. Hi Jenny
    Perfect wheather at the moment.I love this time of year.Growing toamtoes is so rewarding they don't require much work at all.Your tomatoes look delicious,bursting with flavour.enjoy...

  4. Hello Jenny,
    I just wanted to pop in for a visit. Your photos are just beautiful (as always)! I have returned to blogging after many months away. I hope you'll stop by sometime to say hello. I am about to plant garden within the next week or so. Looking at your tomatoes reminds me that all of the hard work pays off! Hope all is well with you and your family.

    Amy (SimpleFolk)


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