Kennedy March

1 Apr 2010

My Andy is out there now , doing this, The Kennedy March.

With the rest of his year 12 class and a dedicated team of teachers and helpers he has walked through the night, starting at morning tea time yesterday and he will finish some time this morning.
50 miles in a day.

Go Andy!

( Oh and if you have time follow the link to JFK's article, The Soft American, written in 1960.
It's very interesting reading)

5 Responses to “Kennedy March”

  1. I did not know that! How interesting. Thanks so much Jenny and well done Andy.

  2. It's such a lovely blog congratulations

  3. Fifty miles! Quite an accomplishment!
    And oh, my, your dear boy doesn't look a *thing* like you, does he? ;)

  4. Well done to Andy and doesn't he look like his Mum!


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