Jackson Browne

16 Apr 2010

Do you know how much I loved this song when I was 17.

They played it on the radio tonight while I was cooking tea and WHAM I was right back there.

I thought Jackson Browne was so lovely.
( he has a website , you can listen to some of his recent music)

Not sure how I found his music, probably through my brother who was always playing The Eagles and Linda Ronstadt and all those guys.

Can you imagine this lovely looking young man is now 61 
and this once lovely young 17 year old girl is almost 51.

I love that music can make me that person again, even if it's only for a few minutes.

Which singer was gorgeous to you when you were 17?

12 Responses to “Jackson Browne”

  1. Music is amazing that way, isn't it. Definitely Cat Stevens for me...and I'm almost 51 too!

  2. I'm 49 and Jackson Browne did it for me, too. I loved "Stay" on his
    "Running On Empty " album. Just had a little listen to it on his website--aah, thanks for this little musical memory, Jenny.

  3. I heard 'Baby, I Love Your Way', by Peter Frampton, the other day. I felt 17 again.
    I turned 50 last month, I still can't believe that, I feel so much younger!

  4. I'm with fairiesNest, Cat Stevens definatly. I had his album propped up on my dresser. Sigh he's not singing anymore and I'm not 16.
    Music takes me back just like you. I had first date with a young man and we went bowling with a group of kids. I heard Light my Fire, by Jose Felesiano sp??? on that date. To this day it rockets me back to that night INSTANTLY when I hear it.

  5. well my fellow, almost and just over fifty girls, I do love Cat Stevens' beautiful voice but Jackson still holds my heart. I had forgotten Peter Frampton. I went to his Melbourne concert, I thought he was very cute and I liked his music but mainly because he was cute.Teenage girls can be so shallow.I haven't listened to him in years , I have a couple of his albums on vinyl. Actually all my Jackson Browne music is on vinyl as well - I must be so old!

  6. For me it would be Rodriguez...not because he was cute....in fact very few people have ever seen him and he is reclusive as far as I know...but because he was a social/political commentator and I felt so radical.
    The Radiators also take me back...again also because they were radical...as Sir Joh had banned them in QLD!

  7. Bob Dylan (the man with the answers to life back then!), Don McLean and Neil Diamond.

    I remember going to see Don McLean at the Horden pavilion in Sydney. We were all seated and excitedly waiting while the stage hands were setting up the stage when another 'stage hand' in black wandered out and picked up an acoustic guitar. He strummed a few notes, we all kept talking in excitement, then his voice came through the microphone.....

  8. Tony Hadley, the lead singer of Spandau Ballet was one of my favorites. I loved their New Romantic Fashion - typical of the dress style of the 1980's and their music. Great memories of my teenage years dancing all night at disco's.

    Happily reminiscing!

  9. Amazing that I just posted on my blog "Music and Memories"! Music in indeed powerful in many ways...

  10. He he he.... been listening to Jackson Browne all day, so funny to see your post today. I've seen him the last two times he's been in Sydney, thanks to my husband for showing me his music. He is great live, as both shows were small/intimate. Average age must have been about 50, but I'm only 30! :-)

    ~ Sarah ~

  11. Greg Lake was stunningly gorgeous when he was younger (especially in the 'They Said There'd be Snow at Christmas' video), as was the young Bryan Ferry. But for taking me back instantly to being a 16 year old girl again it's got to be Abba's 'Dancing Queen.' Ah, those were the days when hopes were high and anything and everything seemed possible.

    PS. I'm also in the 'almost / just over 50' age group.

  12. Ahhhhh, Jackson Browne, Jackson Browne, ahhhhhhh......


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