26 Apr 2010

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So, the day ends with a phone call from a local motel, just around the corner in fact.

The lady tells us that our car has been sitting in their car park all day.

She found our details from some papers in the glove box.


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  1. Oh Jenny, I had hoped there would be better news and there is. Wonderful.

  2. Fantastic news, a stressful day for you though, hope it was all intact!
    Best Wishes.

  3. So how did the police know your car was stolen at 5am but didn't know it was just around the corner and they never found it by the end of the day??
    Glad you got it back and I hope it was still in it's proper condition. A day of distraction that I'm sure you didn't need.

    Cheers - Joolz

  4. Yippee! Guess the thieves got cold feet. Hope the car is OK

    All best,

    Anna Marie

  5. Well, how crazy is that?! Glad you've got it back!

  6. Oh My! My parents had this happen to them once. They live in the big city of Houston, and were amazed they did not hear the thieves steal the car in the night... it was actually a van converted for my mom who is in a wheelchair. Unfortunately, the van was used to hot rod and jump curbs and then was part of a police chase before it crashed... so they did not get it back.

    Glad yours was found, and hope it was fine.

  7. Good news Jenny. I bet you are relieved.

  8. Well that is good news to end the bad.Hopefully its back with you without a scratch.
    Blessings Linda

  9. Oh my goodness, what a story! I hope that there wasn't too much in the way of damage.

    Thank you for stopping by my place and saying hello!

  10. weird ... but glad you've got it back!!

    i just came by to say how LOVELY it was to have an envelope all the way from Australia sitting in my front entryway today!! Little Fairy Wren has some amazing talent ... and I was very happily surprised to see the hair pin I'd read about all those months ago! yay!! <3 thanks again to the lovely gal under the red umbrella!

  11. Great news! So glad the car was found safe and sound.

  12. Glad to hear the car has been found...


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