19 Apr 2010

I have had so much fun having a fully functioning kitchen once again.
All the extra little bits and pieces that had been lying around while Stephen fixed the kitchen bench ready for the cook top and of course the little gas ring I had been using have all been packed away now and the place feels its normal peaceful self.

Honestly I love my kitchen.
I know I have written about this somewhere before but I do love my kitchen.

As much as the food prepared there nourishes my family, working in there nourishes my soul.
I think it must always have been a happy kitchen, there are no bad vibes there at all.
The whole house has the same feeling really.

I am the third homemaker to make this kitchen my own, the first lived here from 1931 until about 1983 , the second , who ripped out the thirties kitchen that was here and replaced it with a cheap beige 1980s blandness, was here from 1983 until 1988 and then the third was me.

You know Stephen remodelled the kitchen all by himself, with very little know how but with a logical mind,  a perfectionist's spirit and  a willingness to give it a go.
He removed and reorganised the floor-to-ceiling cupboards that dominated the room, with very few tools he made myrtle bench tops, he ripped up the vile synthetic kitchen carpet and sanded and oiled the floor, he replaced the leaky sink with a second hand sink in great condition, found some good taps at the tip shop and put those in. 
Gosh he did it all. 
Replaced lights, partially replaced the ceiling, fixed all the cracks in the wall and repainted everything.  he replaced doors, built a bi-fold door for the pantry, built a pelmet for the window and installed the roman blind that I made.
He found our kitchen table at the tip shop, all buckled and warped and spent weeks, hosing it down and weighting it down to make it flat then sanded and finished it.
Our kitchen chairs were found in various places and all needed a few repairs before they could be used.He has replaced broken windows , fixed window sashes, sanded and painted and sanded and painted.

Heavens, reading that list I realise how lucky I am. 

Stephen has done so much work on this house, the garden , maintaining the car, well everything really.
What a guy!

( If you want to see more pictures of my kitchen , such as it is, you can go here
there are lots of pictures of food too so just hop over those)

Thanks to everyone who visited The red umbrella yesterday. 
Kate was so excited and even more excited when the lovely Rose became her first customer.

I will be putting some bits and pieces in the shop when and as I am able.
Didn't Kate do a great job on the banner?

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  1. I truly believe the kitchen is the heart of a home. So much love there.

    Red Umbrella is such a sweet endeavor! What a nice partnership, mother & daughter...:)

    best - annri

  2. Nothing like working/creating in your kitchen!

  3. Your Stephen is amazing! What a great example he sets for your children. Love the photo of your open kitchen window and the beautiful green edged plate. from Jenny McH

  4. Oh Jenny, I'm tickled pink!

    Aren't practical husbands wonderful?

  5. May we see more photos of your kitchen? The tiny glimpses we've seen are wonderful. I love it that you see it as a happy kitchen. And it's a shame that the 1930s kitchen was ripped out.

  6. Your kitchen looks so cosy. I bet you enjoy it even more because it has taken time to remodel it to what you want - not to mention the love and effort poured into it over that time.

  7. Yes a happy kitchen means a happy home. Like you, I look out onto the garden from it. Probably the best view in the house. Lovely banner. I like the name too.

  8. Sorry, I don't know if I posted my comment, so here goes again.

    I agree, it's lovely to potter around in the kitchen. My kitchen is where the family like to be too.

    Sounds like Stephen likes to give things a go, with the satisfaction of a job well done. How wonderful, to be able to say to people, "My husband made our kitchen". You are blessed!

  9. Oh there is so much I want to say!
    First, loved the shop and its a great idea. Second I am so not surprised at the lovely Kate's talent. Third truly a husband to celebrate, you must feel thoroughly loved, nurtured and supported. Fourth I LOVE LOVE the photo of your kitchen sink, it would make a great birthday presant (mine is in June) and Fifth...you make my day sometimes!

  10. Your new kitchen sounds wonderful. Beautiful photos. Such a gorgeous light.


  11. Your kitchen is lovely. It says in a sweet little way "come in and sit awhile. Lets drink a cup of tea while we chat". Actually from the pictures I've seen your whole house says that and your blog too.

    Your daughter did do a good job. I love to see young people busy and productive with some creative industry.

  12. Your kitchen sounds truly wonderful, a house with history is a beautiful thing.
    The cards in the new shop are very cute!
    Does Stephen do trips to the mainland I wonder? (heh, heh)

  13. Hi Jenny and Kate

    I am so glad to see Kates work ,following the creative parents!So proud you must both be.I love the fact that you've been there all the time the children were growing.It gives a place such depth andvalue, and the people stability. You can just about feel the love poured into it.I think this is what people who move around all the time miss out on.What great models for your family. Best wishes in the little shop. Linda

  14. how gratifying to have a good vibe in the kitchen!
    I hope you take more photos to share - it sounds so nice.


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