12 Apr 2010


The dolls that should have gone into the shop today will be in the shop tomorrow.


Life got in the way.

Husband still home on holidays.

Perfect day to get all the washing done and dry.

You know the jig.


Is there a more sweet and heavenly  combination than soft aqua and a whisper of pink?

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  1. Beautiful colours! I do so know the feeling of putting plans on hold - but it can be worthwhile to spend time with the family without getting resentful - that's my new resolution!

  2. Dear Jenny, it's always so wonderful to visit your blog when time permits. Your creations look lovely as ever. I always come away with a sense of peace after a brief visit - thank you!

  3. Jenny your cakes look yummie,looks like custard coming out of them.I like the colour combo too.


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