Comfort knitting

27 Apr 2010

Indulging in some quiet lunchtime knitting and magazine reading after yesterday's drama.
Sitting in the sun knitting this.
I must admit I feel a little vulnerable and unsettled today.

The car was returned unharmed apart from a plastic protector strip that had been pulled off the door when they pushed the car out the driveway.

Our neighbour from two doors up had been alerted to something amiss yesterday morning  by his dogs madly barking and when he investigated saw our car being pushed out the drive and driven off. He chased them on foot and then ran back home to call the police.
What a guy! Go Robbie!

So yes, I have been a bit twitchy today and knitting is good for twitchiness don't you think?
It's a calming rhythm and the feel of soft wool is a nourishing, settling thing.

So glad we got the car back, really didn't want to have to find the money for another.

Stephen has been around talking to all the neighbours , letting them know what happened and to take care. It's been nice actually, we all know each other but people's lives get busy and a wave as cars pass is often the only communication for months.

So some good has come out of the bad.

7 Responses to “Comfort knitting”

  1. Hi Jenny,

    so sorry to hear of your drama yesterday, but glad to hear you got the car back in one piece. Someone broke into our house a few weeks ago and stole money, a mobile phone, an ipod and worst of all my great-grandmother's jewellery. I feel awful everyday coming home from work, so scared to discover we have been broken into again. I am told the "unsettled" feeling does get better

  2. What great neighboursyou have and I am so glad you got your car back ok. I would feel a little unsettled too.
    Take care

  3. Glad the car's back Jenny and I completely understand the twitchiness. Yep knitting is good for that.

    Good neighbours are great aren't they. Cheers for Robby.

  4. You're very lucky, a lot of people don't like to interfere or get involved. Thank goodness Robbie did. Hope you will feel settled again soon. Love

  5. Oh yes, there is nothing more soothing than knitting. Good for the soul. Glad you got your car back, and I hope you feel more settled soon. x

  6. Jenny, you are so inspiring, in so MANY ways. Thank you for blogging, please don't ever stop! I was so excited that you visited my blog! Thanks for adding my button, I added your button yesterday on my blog, under my "inspiration" De

  7. I can understand you feeling a little ruffled after such an ordeal. I am happy for you that your car has been returned and hope that you will be picking up quickly.


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