Channelling Helen, an update.

28 Apr 2010

 Rainy, windy, a little cold

Perfect day to be inside and busy

Today, after having watched   some episodes of All Creatures Great and Small , little by little over the past few days and enjoyed the simplicity of it all once again , each episode  life driven rather than plot driven,  not to mention all the gorgeous hand knits and lovely prewar floral dresses and woollen skirts and soft blouses, a perfect accompaniment to my own knitting; today I feel like I am channelling Helen Herriot.

I have swept and washed the kitchen floor, made bread and a cake, lit the front fire and had numerous cups of tea.
I am keeping busy so I don't dwell on that feeling of unease that still sits in my mind. 
Dear Helen; so sensible, so much commonsense, so much humour and creativity, so matter of fact, so loyal, so helpful, so involved, so Helen. 

I remember reading a blog where the phrase 'What would Ma Ingalls do?' was used, to help the writer think how best to cope with a situation.
I think I prefer 'What would Helen Herriot do?' I love her unflappability and her sense of fun.
Is she a typical North of England woman do you think ?
Thanks to the lovely  Eli, I know that many of my father's ancestors, Booth and Higgins, most probably came from the North of England so I'm claiming a Yorkshire heritage

For today, I will channel Helen, keep busy and make the most of what life has to offer.

Just for fun at lunchtime I googled my grandfathers name and came up with a page that traced my family history back to 1859 when my ancestors left Huddersfield Yorkshire to travel over the seas to Ballarat to find their fortunes on the Goldfields. The family settled at Allendale, Victoria. 
So, there you go, learn something new everyday.

11 Responses to “Channelling Helen, an update.”

  1. Your photos today remind me of Monet's gardens; so pretty and vague. We have a treasury of James Herriot animal stories which we love to read often. I think I will look into the video soon.

    Take care.

  2. What a wonderful outlook you have Jenny! Both literally and emotionally.

  3. "so sensible, so much commonsense, so much humour and creativity, so matter of fact, so loyal, so helpful, so involved,
    her unflappability and her sense of fun."

    Could this be describing you also Jenny? It's certainly how I perceive you from reading your blog and how I hope to be perceived by others....although I think i have a way to go yet, especially to be "her unflappability and her sense of fun."

    The photos are beautiful too, although I'm a summer girl I love all the seasons and have really enjoyed this weather today.

    cheers Kate

  4. Lovely post Jenny, I used to love that show! My fathers family came from Middlesborough region in Yorkshire and he reminds me how thankful I should be that he 'thinned the blood' by marrying my 5th generation Tasmanian Mum!

  5. Oh dear, what a couple of days you've had! I'm so pleased you got your car back and I think it's very neighbourly of Stephen to warn the others about what happened.

    So what would Helen Heriot do? I'm pretty sure she'd sweep and wash the kitchen floor, make bread and a cake, light the front fire and have numerous cups of tea. :- ) Take care love.

  6. Do you have a preference for which Helen, Jenny? The first one (Carol Drinkwater) or the second( can't remember the actress, but I thought she didn't have quite the same sweetness as the first)?
    I watched some of these with my mum a few weeks ago and admired Helen's floral dresses too.

  7. Hi Maryanne, I much prefer Carol Drinkwater to Lynda Bellingham but I think it's only because she was more attractive and younger, fresh faced and newly married.

  8. I'm glad the weather is co-operating by making the indoors even cozier.

  9. Hi Jenny:

    We don't live too awfully far from Huddersfield, and I think Helen is the epitome of the Northern English woman. Oh, and we also save empty jars because "they someday might be useful." (and often are).

    So happy you are getting settled back in after a disturbing couple of days.


    Anna Marie

  10. Hi Jenny,

    I also love everything to do with "All Creatures Great and Small", and I've read all the books, have you? I'm sure you'd love them. The real James Herriot was called Alf Wight and Helen was actually called Joan. His descriptions of her in the books are wonderful, he adored her.

    I've been to visit "Skeldale House" and was in awe, as I had wanted to go there for many years. It was amazing to walk along the same tiled floors that 'Helen' had scrubbed and washed all those years ago.

    You might be interested in this site:

    where you can look at lots of lovely pics of the house, set out as it was in the 30's and 40's.


    love, Tina :)

  11. Hey Jenny, you're obviously not the only admirer of Helen Herriot and ACG&S judging by the comments. It was a lovely series and I have one of the videos and now that I've read your post I might pop it on and drag out my crochet. It's an overcast, misty rainy day here in N.E. Vic, just the sort of day that makes me want to light the wood stove and make some soup. I think that's the sort of thing Helen would do, don't you?


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