11 Apr 2010


The cats and I did a little blog surfing this morning.

We found some lovely blogs that I want to share with you.


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  1. Looking forward to following your links but in the meantime I must say how cute the cats are. Do they have names?

  2. Hi Gillian, the cats don't have names, unusual for me. The red felt one I made, quite obviously by hand , when I was about 9 or 10 and had always been :red cat" . The floral one I made recent;y fiddling around with a vintage pattern but she isn't finished mainly because the kids said she looked like a dog or a pig so her ears are just pinned on until I find the right position for them.

  3. Thanks Jenny, really enjoyed that read around.

  4. Hi Jenny
    Thanks for the blogs especially loved Farmama and Hugo and Elsa.
    Enjoyed the wool spinning and deying,never stops amazing me from sheep to something so amazing.Felt like I'd been to the farm for a visit lovely!


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