After the rain

21 Apr 2010

Fantastic rain last night, heavy, drenching .

Thunder and lightening late in the evening and again in the early hours.

I wondered for a moment why Poppy, our old dog who died just before Christmas, hadn't come in to hide under the bed.
I truly believe she will always be here.

It was a great show in the early hours, right outside the bedroom window, I swear.

There won't be an update to the Etsy shop today.
I have been having wrist pain, both wrists since late last week so I have had to back off with hand crafts and computer.

Small bursts of activity, plenty of rests and plenty of variety of hand actions.
It seems to be settling, as long as I'm sensible.

Never had this problem before and I think it is more computer related than sewing /knitting related.
I did a monumental session last week trying to organise and file digital photos and pushed things a little too far I think.

7 Responses to “After the rain”

  1. Must take care of those precious tools! Be well.

  2. Wow, beautiful pictures, especially the last one. We had rain in our area (lower SE of SA) but we headed to Adelaide and missed it. I'm longing for a good solid drenching too.

    Cheers - Joolz

  3. I do hope the pain is relieved soon with rest. Wrists are underrated!

  4. Love that last flower.What is it?Sorry to hear of your pain, hopefully you'll be back to lovely self soon.Take good care of yourself.Linda

  5. Lovely photos Jenny.

    Do you use a mouse mat with a wrist support? I do and it has cut back on the pain I used to get tremendously.

  6. Hi Linda, the flower is a Hebe but I am not sure which one.

  7. The pictures on your blog always look so inviting. I like your idea of being sensible. It works with most things I think!


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