1 Mar 2010


The normally peaceful front garden was the scene of some drama this weekend with a leaky water pipe making its presence felt.

We didn't even know there was a water pipe there as what we thought was the main pipe runs down the other side of the house.
But some time in the last 78 years the main water supply had actually been diverted across the front garden. Unknown to us my parents had found it about 20 years ago when they decided to do a little concreting while we were away for Christmas when Louis was just a tot. 
Unfortunately they had managed to get the pipe stuck in the cement and over the years it had been leaking, just a tiny bit, but enough to slowly erode the earth under the pipe and make the concrete path a little bouncy which upset the pipe a little more until early last week we had a major puddle.
Not a geyser just a puddle and a very well watered garden bed.

Thank heavens Stephen is a good handyman.
The pipe is fixed and now safely inside some conduit, everything has been put back where it belongs after the hunt for the pipe and that corner of the front garden is looking spring time fresh rather than end of summer weary because it has had such a good soak.

Summer can make you weary can't it, like winter it some times hangs around  for a little too long. I am glad we are getting some cooler weather, that being sweaty is no longer my permanent state. I can knit without feeling out of sorts and sit in the sun for morning tea without getting up grumpily to look for a cooler spot.

5 Responses to “Water”

  1. So glad you got everything sorted out!!

  2. Yes, well we are still waiting for the cooler weather here in Perth. Hope it comes soon!
    Thanks for all your gentle posts -often stop by!

  3. Glad that Stephen sorted things. I am enjoying the first of the slightly cooler nights and feeling a little more alive.

  4. We are sick of the cold weather here!! Not looking for the sweaty stuff (not likely anyway!!)but wouldn't mind just a wee bit of heat! LOL! Cx

  5. You are good to do so much sewing and knitting in the summertime. I'm happy for you - cooler temps coming soon. We wait for spring.


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