18 Mar 2010

Sweet Alice and oregano at dusk

Taken at dusk the picture is grainy but I love the colours.

The purity of the white Sweet Alice happily mixed with the lovely greens and burgundies of the oregano.
All self sewn and growing in the cracks between the large old concrete squares probably put down more than sixty years ago. 
The concrete has  the remains of where an old rotary clothes line was sawn off at ground level and moved from the middle of the concrete to where it is now behind the wash house.

I hated the concrete when we first moved here but what a blessing it has been. 
It is in squares about 3' x 3' and all kinds of little plants, pretty things and nuisance weeds grow there.
I guess if you squint your eyes and look through your rose coloured glasses you could imagine they were large flagstones.
At least that's what I used to do but now I look and see weathered old concrete, softened around all its edges by uninvited but welcome little plants.

The concrete that separates the house from the garden is where the children learned to ride their tricycles, their scooters and their bikes, their roller blades and skate boards, 
it provided a space for a basketball court, badminton, down ball, rollerhockey played with broomsticks, many many games of cricket,
a place to do large chalk drawings, play hop scotch  and to paint on the long roll of butchers paper and let the painting dry in the sun, it's the place where the cats lie at dusk and the line that the chooks are not supposed to cross. 

It's where we sit at the little table for  breakfast, where we split the wood and where the barbecue lives.
I don't hate it anymore.
It's not a fancy deck or a trendy outdoor room,
it's just the concrete and it's friendly and useful and the softest grey
and it's just fine.

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  1. You remind me of the celebrated artist, Jeffrey Smart, who paints the most wonderful paintings in the style I call hyper-realism. He paints the ordinary like dissued silos, highway off ramps, abandoned places...he doesn't gloss it...he just presents it in it's stark and brave glory. You reminded me of the many memories we have too...hmmm the humble cement out the back....In QLD as children we used to "paint" with water on the cement out the back too. They would dry so quickly that we never ran out of fresh "canvas". The questions I most wanted to ask you about today when I met you never got asked! How is that possible in nearly four hours of chat??? I was going to ask you about your photography and cameras....another time. Love Tanya

  2. I had a lovely time chatting today, and I know - 4 hours - where did that time go - and only one cup of coffee! As you say, there still plenty to talk about - next time.


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