29 Mar 2010


This little one, Cathy, went into the shop today around teatime.
She has found a home.

The beautiful fabric in her dress is some my auntie gave me for my Kate.
I made a pinafore with it when Kate was about 3. 
The fabric is old, given to my auntie when her own daughter was small, in the early 1950s and somehow never used.
It had a sticker on it from the Viyella factory in the UK

My auntie has been unwell the past couple of weeks.
She is in her 80s , she lives next door to mum, she is fiercely independent.
Hope she gets better soon.

There will be more dolls going into the shop, probably each day this week. 

Can't bear to sit for hours doing the slow process that is listing dolls on Etsy.

I am finding I need to just pull back a bit at the moment. 
Take a breath. 
Explore new things. 
Refresh myself  and my mind. 

For the past week really I have been just letting myself  be.

It is so good for creativity, for renewal, for peace.

It's great to take the time to be creative in a different way, planting out pansy seedlings, writing letters, sorting through fabrics and enjoying the colours and patterns.

It's great to take the time to watch the hens making their way around the garden, to watch the butterflies flitting  from flower to flower, to watch the amazing clouds and sunsets and sunrises we are treated to at this time of year, to watch the leaves starting to turn and take on their autumn colours.



5 Responses to “Renewal”

  1. Oh my! Could this be the sweetest doll you have made so far? She is just gorgeous :)

  2. You are so right. Creativity dries up when we push ourselves. I find that as a teacher, this time of year as school winds down, it's hard to plan lessons because my creativity has dried up. I'm tired. By September, I'll be ready to go at it again. Hope your Auntie perks up as well. Cathy is precious.


  3. This dolly has a different expression than some of the others. She must be reflecting your desire for repose. I am reading a book you might enjoy. It's called An Altar in the World by Barbara Brown Taylor. I am finding it fascinating. Rest and reflect. You are good at noticing things.

  4. Enjoy the renewal time Jenny, it's so important isn't it? I can't wait for four days off at the end of the week!
    I do hope your Auntie picks up soon.


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