Out the front

11 Mar 2010


I sat in the front garden , round 11am, to drink my morning coffee and munch a piece of cake.

So still and quiet here today, no breeze and only a faint murmur of traffic and what I am pretending is the distant sound of a chain saw but is probably a whipper snipper.


I can hear Maureen's hens around the corner making a fuss about laying an egg.

No sound from my hens mind, they are keeping shtum , secreting their eggs away, who knows where.

No annoying blowflies today, too cold overnight perhaps. 
I certainly don't miss them when they are gone.


Shackleton gets hassled out of her sleeping spot by her brother and jumps up on the old greyed wooden table  to get away while he, Badger shinnies up the birch tree, dare devil.

Postie comes down the street on his putt putt motor bike, not much mail - news of a birthday fabric sale at the quilt shop ( and the notice that the shop is up for sale!), boring bank letter, that's it.

Coffee finished , visit the computer to write to you, know I should be answering emails too but instead  I head back to my dolly deeds.


10 Responses to “Out the front”

  1. Sounds like a lovely break in your day.Winter is leaving here and seeing sunshine was so wonderful today.I stood outside to just smell the earth,and listen to the birds.Too soon to garden,but oh how I want to!!

  2. life is only what you make it....sounds like you know how to make it just about perfect.
    Enjoy the rest of your day Jenny.

    cheers Kate

  3. What a lovely sounding morning, and those are very cute shoes!

  4. Love it! Life in the slow lane, like mine. Lazy autumn morning, I can see it, smell it, hear it...all through the pictures and thoughts of your blog. You took me away to your world for just a moment and I liked it so much I want to come back. So I will.


  5. I liked the inconsequential details that painted such a lovely living picture. Round here it's all too likely to be a chain saw not a whipper snipper (whatever that is!).

  6. What a lovely day.
    Winter is here in Switzerland. It's so cold and a lot of snow.

  7. Love those red shoes! And what is a whipper snipper?

  8. Your pictures and description are beautiful!

  9. Enjoyed your lovely post and those are darling shoes! Nice pictures too!


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