Orange light, pink sun and more tomatoes

16 Mar 2010


We had a crazy orange light here this afternoon, like bushfire light but I don't think there were any.
Perhaps it was just the heavy humid air.
Just before sunset the sun was a bright pink ball, magnificent. 
It wasn't colouring the sky it was just a perfect pink circle in the sky.

Of course I may be seeing orange lights and pink suns because of the number of tomatoes I have been eating.
Is it possible to suffer hallucinations from an over dose of tomatoes, they are from the nightshade family after all.
I am just about over tomatoes.


Tonight I made something mum used to make on the rare occasions we had excess tomatoes when I was a child or when the tomatoes were a bit past their best. It has the  exotic name ' Tomato Savoury'  and it's actually delicious. 
We had it tonight with some of Scot the butchers beef sausages, some mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli. 

And here's a link to the blog post that inspired me to make  yet another tomato dish.

I found a recipe for you in my early 70s copy of the CWA cookery book. The CWA or Country Women's Association is like the Women's Institute in the UK and I don't know if other countries have anything similar.

 The majority of recipes in this book are very brief, written for women who know how to cook and just need an ingredient list and a brief outline of  the method.

And this little verse is in the introduction to the book ...

9 Responses to “Orange light, pink sun and more tomatoes”

  1. I adore that window seat in your first photo. I've looked at it longingly when ever you post a picture of it. It's like reading a book when I was little it makes me dream and fantasize about if it was mine. It just looks so inviting.

    cheers Kate

  2. Oh, I LOVE the "Homes" verse. How true. How dear. The nightshade family makes my joints hurt. I do love the peppers, though. Oh, and the potatoes.

  3. The tomato savory ...homegrown tomatoes and onions! Here it is early morning and I sit with a cup of coffee and my mouth is watering for tomato savory! And the poetic message is wonderful. How very true! As a retired teacher, each year I saw the effects of a nation whose mothers and fathers went to work each day, of broken homes, of no marriages at all. So sad...I just pray to God that He becomes the center of our nation once again!

  4. This post is a delight! The pictures and the recipe and even just the idea of fresh tomatoes while winter still drags on where I live. Thank you! Your blog is such a pleasure to visit. :)

  5. Great recipe reminder...some of the simple "savoury" styles are still a great alternative. I tried to get a photo of that huge pink sun but it didn't really come out. I love the verse from the CWA book.

  6. Jenny, I love those all CWA cookbooks, they are so practical and I know what you mean about the assumption that women could cook and just needed an idea. I think a lot of our 'celebrity' cookbooks miss that point. Duck a la orange might sound exotic but beef sausages with homegrown tomato savoury will actually be made. Do check out Margaret Fulton's new "Thrifty Kitchen" if you get the opportunity.

  7. Hi Rose, I have looked at the Thrifty Kitchen in the bookshop and it looks really good. I do like Margaret Fulton, I have her Encyclopedia of Food and Cookery from the early 80s and have used it constantly throughout the years.

  8. hi! it looks so comfy, I can just sit and relax all day by the window. ;=)

  9. I really like your window seat - wish I had an area like that. - Jean


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