Mia's doll Sally

15 Mar 2010

Mia's baby Sally in her sun suit and sun hat

This little doll is for the second Mia who needed a doll this month to celebrate a special birthday.

Mia's baby Sally in her bloomers and tshirt

Mia has called her doll Sally

Mia's baby Sally in her pyjamas

Mia and her mum sorted through their stash of vintage fabrics and yummy yarns 
and sent me a whole package of goodness and ideas for Sally's clothes.

Mia's baby Sally in her corduroy overalls and aran jumper

Mia's baby Sally in her summer shorts and knitted blouse

Mia's baby Sally in her paisley smock top and woollen trousers

Such a lovely little doll and a lovely wardrobe of clothes.

Let the games begin,
and the love and the cuddles 
and the secrets and the stories.

Mia's baby Sally in her party dress

9 Responses to “Mia's doll Sally”

  1. What a lucky little girl Mia is. I couldn't think of a nicer present, the clothes are adorable & so is the sweet doll. My Nan gave me a doll & a little suitcase with handmade clothes for her when I was seven. It was the best present I ever had, I still remember all the little pieces, made with love xo ps I still have Helen too, sitting here with me on the shelf x

  2. Oh Jenny! Such a wonderful set. You do the most amazing and sweet work.

  3. Oh love little Sally...
    and LOVE her wardrobe of clothes!!!

  4. She is wonderful Jenny, the clothes too, I "drool" over your dolls and one day, maybe I shall have one too!
    For now, I am knitting a doll for my granddaughter, using two different patterns as I am just not confident with anything I make, but she looks good.
    Wishing I could maybe make/sell them!

  5. Jenny, Very special to be part of every little girls dream present!My granny gave me a doll and clothes for christmas one year, and I think it was the making of all the things I now hold dear.Your work it fantastic!

  6. Your dolls are the best---bar none. I've made Waldorf dolls myself and can see how absolutely talented you are. Do you ever offer tutorials on wig/hair making?

  7. We have found the perfect suitcase for Sally's clothes, an old timber case (another fantastic op shop find).

    Mia and Sally are inseparable.

    Thank you Jenny


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