Hello kitchen sink

25 Mar 2010


Got my kitchen sink back this morning. 

It has been out of bounds since Saturday morning due to the continuing saga of the new cooktop.

Now the window frames have been repainted, the wet area has been resealed, the window blind has been taken down and washed and it's all looking sparkling.

We have been using the bathroom, the one with just a bath and handbasin, to get water and do the washing up.

You don't know how many times I have walked to the kitchen sink to fill the kettle and then had to turn and go to the bathroom hand basin instead. 
Some journeys are just hardwired into our brains.

Oh, and remember when you were a kid and you were sure the water in the bathroom tasted different  to the water in the kitchen - it's true.

10 Responses to “Hello kitchen sink”

  1. I remember!

    We did our kitchen and floorboards at the same time 15 years ago, we lived in the garage for a couple of weeks.

  2. I remember, too! When we remodeled our kitchen six years ago, we used the bathroom sink for everything... some things made such a wet mess to wash! Nice to freshened up though...!

  3. Your newly sparkling sink looks beautiful!

    On the water tasting different...If Tasmanian houses are plumbed the same as British ones, with a cold water tank in the loft or attic, then the water *is* different in the kitchen than the bathroom. The cold water comes into the house, stops at the kitchen sink, then continues on to the tank. The bathrooms are fed from the tank, so the water there never tastes as fresh.

    Take care,

  4. Of course, the rain water from out bathroom taps tastes soapy! Don't know why...


  5. It is just a habit we get into going to the tap for water and it is a pain when you can't use them.

  6. hi
    You write so well...
    Your blue and white dishes look so good ..

  7. Our house is plumbed quite differently...no water tanks in the roof (or anywhere else, at present), and yet, on a hot summers day I would prefer my drink of water out of the bathroom tap in much the same manner as when I brush my teeth ~ cupping my hand under the tap to drink from. Of course, that is completely inconvenient but come evening, I rather enjoy that drink before bed whilst caring for my teeth!

  8. Since I love dishes (but hate to cook) I picked out a favorite of mine from the selection soaking in your sudsy water so spa-like. Love the sweet little cup with the flowers on it. Glad you have your kitchen sink back. Won't take that luxury for granted again, will you?

    Liz (aka Ninny)

  9. I love to do dishes. There's something satisfying about making them clean and sparkle. Bathroom water is different. And that brings up the whole issue of hose water in the summer :)

  10. Your dishes are pretty. I loved your Australia. Especially all the British touches.


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