A few of her faves

14 Mar 2010

Kate's favourites on display

These are some of Kate's favourite things. 
She keeps them on display in her room.

Bradley doll,

Snoopy ( mine from the 70s) ,

glass Coca Cola bottle, 

Granny Square rug on the bed 

- I'd say this child is trapped in the seventies .

She has been at music camp all weekend. 
She is home now but boy is she tired. 
This school caper is hard work.

4 Responses to “A few of her faves”

  1. I remember "back in the day" when my husband and I actually drove one of those vans! Your daughter is a collector...she has a good eye!


  2. My son's teacher has himself a growing collection of combi and other VW vans and cars on his desk in the classroom.

  3. I like the Snoopy. I had a Snoopy nightshirt in 1970. I loved it!

  4. Oh my one of my first boyfriends had a van like that. We went to the beach countless times in it. Lots of good memories brought back. My snoopy sports a head band and a peace sign. Another one has a space suit from the apollo missions, courtsy of my late husband. I graduated high school in 72. I think the 70s is a fine time to be trapped in.


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