13 Mar 2010

Remember this movie from the early 80s.
I loved it so.
We watched it at the Valhalla cinema in Richmond, is that still there, does it still have those falling apart old arm chairs?
We saw so many great movies there and at the Astor in St Kilda.
Uh oh is that Memory Lane up ahead.

I've been doing the housework accompanied by the soundtrack ( on an LP, how's that for retro magic)
A soundtrack for my housework - what a neat idea.

Just listen to this magnificent voice

And just as an aside Dominique Pinon who is a baddie in this film 
also appears in Amelie as the jealous cafe man.

2 Responses to “Diva”

  1. It's a great way to get the dull housework done with the music going . I hope you have a great weekend .

  2. I remember going to see old Marx Bros films at the Astor in St. Kilda in the late 70's: it was just around the corner from my school, we walked past it every day on the way to catching the train home. I think it may still be there, not sure about the Valhalla.


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