A cosy way to start the day - with wool

21 Mar 2010

Has anyone read the Rodney Hall book, Just Relations.
Remember the lady who knitted everything inside her house.
Though hers became full of dust and eaten by moths and mice.

And remember this exhibition by the knitters of  Strathaven Aged Care Home  that was on a few years ago and included in Ten Days on the Island.
Well, it's on again in May and this time I am going to see it.

4 Responses to “A cosy way to start the day - with wool”

  1. What a fabulous commercial - I'd use Natural Gas if I had Central Heating!

  2. Oj Jenny, how lovely! Tony and I sat here together and watched the ad and then "the making of". Did you notice how happy and gentle all the film people were? We knitters could rule the world! :)

  3. Oh Jenny thank you that made my day it's wonderful. What a world to live in. And the people making it were wonderful, so special thanks so much for sharing!!!


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