Accrued Day Off

6 Mar 2010

I am up so early.
Hot coffee to drink, no milk left in the fridge but I found a can of evaporated milk so all is not lost.
I'm listening to the sound of rain, amplified ten times over by the waterfall cascading from the hole in the guttering just outside the playroom ( read computer room/music room/Jenny's studio) window. 
Guttering scheduled to be fixed today, the replacement is lying on the front lawn, waiting.

This rain was so needed. By the end of February I have grown bored with watering the garden, I expect Mother Nature to help with the job, I can't do everything.
The garden was looking accusingly at me.
Not any more, judging from the amount of water coming over Guttering Falls the garden should be giddy with watery wonder.

It's the start of a long weekend to celebrate Labour Day , but I think we call it 8 Hour Day.
Do people still work an official 8 hour day?
I think Stephen's official day is 7 hours and 39 minutes or something equally silly.
Louis is home for the weekend .
No welcome home cake,  we only managed to squeeze one egg from the  chooks this week, though I'm sure they are laying them somewhere we just haven't found it yet.

I'll do some baking today and the food shopping which should have been done yesterday  but I was feeling uninspired and even the thought of three hungry teenagers, well one hungry almost teen, one hungry teen and one hungry twenty year old could not make me get my act together and toddle off to the shops.
I made a big yummy stew for dinner, we had plenty of bread and if they really needed dessert I figured they could go and hunt out the last plums on the greengage tree.
Now of course it's raining so yesterday would have been a much better day to get the shopping done.
Never mind.

What I did do yesterday was plenty of knitting ,for dollies and for humans.
 You can see why I was 'Mrs stay-at-home'; knitting , cups of tea and I was reading the Wartime Kitchen and Garden Book which I believe was based on a TV series in the UK.
Lots of great gardening and cooking tips.
Oh the irony! cries my neglected garden and my abandoned kitchen.
I think somewhere along the way I had decided that yesterday was an  'accrued day off' for me.
Do they still  have those in work places?
I remember the first one I ever had when I was a paid worker, it was few weeks before my 25th birthday and just after pay day and I spent the day shopping, mostly just trying on clothes  and going to book shops and loving the freedom of  a legitimate  week day all to myself, not a sickie but a day for me to enjoy.

So I did enjoy my day off yesterday, a day just for me before three days of full house and family and food.

8 Responses to “Accrued Day Off”

  1. A day just for yourself occasionally is great. Today you will be busy baking and shopping but those things just have to be done.
    Enjoy your long weekend

  2. I love your pictures Jenny, and I'm sure you deserved your day off.
    Blessings to you.

  3. We all deserve a day off every now and then Jenny, and everything will be achieved all the same, just a little later. The big rain is about to hit us too, I saw last night on the ABC that it's a huge trough stretching north-east to south-west. I hope you have a lovely weekend with all the family and your public holiday.

  4. I'm a stay at home mum and I was encouraged to take a "day off " once a week( or at least during the hours the children are at school)a few years ago to help with depression.So, no guilt about going to see a film or spending the day with a book or knitting or idly wandering around the shops or whatever. Taking the day as it comes, or having fun planning something.
    I don't always manage it and it really only happens in term time; and sometimes on that day what I have to do is just what I want to do, but I do love
    giving myself permission to just do it.

  5. Well I suppose that there is a 'price to pay' for taking a day fresh milk to have with your morning coffee. LOL. I love the picture of the children surrounded by the trees, especially love the little girl's hats & coats. We will be spending our Labour day holiday showing our visiting Canadian friends the beauty of the Dandenong Ranges. Enjoy your weekend with your full household. from Jenny McH

  6. I do love the way you illustrate your posts. I've been up early and cooking for a houseful today too.

  7. I love that final picture in your post - of the family around the table. So sweet. You find the best pictures.


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