9 Mar 2010

washing up

According to Kate we ate the perfect food yesterday.

Breakfast was toasted  and buttered fruit loaf eaten late so no morning tea.

We had freshly brewed coffee as well.

Lunch was freshly made pasties made by me, followed by blueberry muffins made by Kate.


Afternoon tea was a couple of Kate's Easter biscuits each and a cup of tea, good dunking biscuits.

And tea was pumpkin soup, some fresh buttered bread and apple crumble and cream for dessert.


Mmmm, not bad

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  1. Oh yum!!!
    Not bad at all...
    your pastries look delicious...

  2. Sounds like a perfect day to me too

  3. I agree with Kate, it sounds like perfect food to me. Jenny, do you make your own pastry or use frozen? I still use frozen. Would you share what you put in your pasties -- traditional or avant garde?

  4. Okay, a person like me could easily hate you for all the amazing cooking and sewing and knitting you do! But, you're too nice and so am I so, I'll just settle for envy! Everything looked so scrumptious! If you didn't live so far away from me, I'd drop in for tea sometime! Love your blog, dear.


  5. Hi guys, I don't make my own puff pastry though I can. I use the frozen sheets of butter puff pastry, it doesn't have any nasties in it but it is more expensive. It was so humid here yesterday I couldn't have made pastry anyway even the shop bought kind turned to a stretchy mushy mess though it cooked OK. I always make my own short crust pastry though.

  6. Lovely...I'm on the hunt for a recipie for supper that is somehow a baked pastry dish, maybe with a little meat or veggies? need to do research!!


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