2 Feb 2010


Yesterday I discovered the best household job to do on a sultry Summer evening.
A job that has been nagging at me every time I go into the kitchen.
A job that I usually do twice a year when daylight savings starts and again when it finishes.

Defrosting the freezer.
What a revelation.

Getting to play with small icebergs when it is steamy hot and end up with a freezer section in my fridge that is positively sparkling, a win win.

And who knew that there was a packet of phyllo pastry buried under the ice flow, another win.

Small things...

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  1. What a "cool" way to look at a job I always hated! I once poked a hole in the side of the freezer section and freon spewed out! That's because I was using an ice pick...hmmmm. Stay cool, dear!


  2. Conversely not a job I want to do at all today. But it must be done while it's nearly empty.

  3. Every time I have opened my fridge this past week I say to myself that I will clean that out today. Jessie is off to pre-school today so it will get done TODAY!
    Blessings to you Jenny,

  4. Now there's a plan for this evening.


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