Jelly Babies

17 Feb 2010

little poppet doll

Working on three little poppets and a couple of 12" dolls.

Just love these cute little jelly baby bodies.

Like a little toddler, they are nice enough to eat.

4 Responses to “Jelly Babies”

  1. Oh I love your little poppets too! Mine sit on my shelf by my bed next to their bigger Jenny Wren sisters. And sometimes they sit on my little red suitcase (like yours in the picture) and keep me company while I sew. They are also regularly loved by my 15 month old daughter Grace and 4 year old son Liam. Although I have to watch out for "drool damage" from their little kisses!

  2. I love making 12 inch dolls most, something about it just feels "right".

  3. Love them too sooo cute look forward to seeing how you dress this one
    Hugs Suz x

  4. It's amazing how much character it has even like that - can't wait to see the finished poppet!


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