23 Feb 2010

Dad when he was about 12 , standing outside his house in Richmond

Today was my dad's 83rd birthday

Me and my dad in the back yard, round 1964

Much cake and other yummies were eaten


He enjoyed a picnic at the Punchbowl, 
afternoon tea with his grandchildren, 
phone calls from those far away
and dinner with his children who travelled far to spend the evening with him
There was even a cricket match on the tellie.

dad opening the gingerbread

Happy Birthday, Dessie.

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  1. Treasure each moment with your dad, store up those precious memories like the old photos you have saved. Let him know how much he means to you. Kiss him and hug him, and tell him "I love you" every day. You will never regret those words.

    Looks like he had a good b'day. I saw immediately that you favor him.


  2. I can't believe how much I look like my dad and yet when I am with my mother's family I see so much of me that comes from them as well. The past few years have been very hard on Dad, and Mum as his carer. He seems now to have settled into a slightly dithery old age with good days and bad. He is a nice old guy though.

  3. I agree with Ninny - you definitely have a lot of your Dad in you!! Happy birthday to him. *grin*

  4. A very Happy Birthday to your dear daddy....blessings

  5. I was fascinated by the photo of you and Dad in the back garden. I'll bet that place has changed a lot. I noticed a new slab in the background...perfect for riding trykes on. The small tree that would be much grown now, just as the wee girl standing there. The great swathe of bushland stretching as far as one can see out the back....bet thats houses now and suburbia. More than just memories....

  6. Hi Tanya,yes the slab eventually became a double garage but not until we had all outgrown our trikes. Actually the tricycle you see was mine, one with the little seat at the back so we played endless games of taxis. My own children also played with the trike and had lots of fun until a rather large friend decided to ride it and broke the spindly old wheels.
    The bushland lasted until the mid 80s and yes it is all houses over the back fence now but there is still some bushland on the far hills on on the other side of the street. My parents house was the second house in the street so things have changed a lot in the 52 years that they have lived there.

  7. Congratulations to your Dad and many happy returns! Sounds like a perfect day for you all. The resemblence between you and your Dad is uncanny (especially the pic of him holding the trophy).


  8. Happy birthday to your dad! My father-in-law will be 83 this year - originally from Melbourne, he has been living in the UK since 1960. I just wondered whether their paths had crossed?! My FIL was at Melbourne University...it truly would be a small world if they had met!


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