25 Feb 2010


This little one headed off to the beautiful New England region of NSW earlier in the week to become a best friend to two little people who are lucky enough to be getting a new baby brother or sister this week as well.

Happy days.


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  1. Really nice yoke detailing on the dress.

  2. She is cute as a button!


  3. All of your "little girls" are so beautiful!


  4. I like the picot edging to the dress.

  5. Hello Jenny.. so lovely to discover your blog. Isn't it funny how one path leads to another..
    I think your dolls are adorable and I would so have loved one as a child. My mother made me a rag doll when I was a lass.. I remember her so well and wish still owned her.
    I can imagine you have made lots of children and adults.. very happy with your lovely creations.
    Michele x Dottie


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