That cardigan

11 Feb 2010


About two years ago I made this little doll as part of an order for the Grassroots shop in NSW.
I thought she was very cute and I especially liked...well I liked everything about her but I loved the yarn I used for her cardigan.


Some months later one of the local ladies from the Steiner ( Waldorf) playgroup wanted a doll for her youngest daughter and was looking through my dolls on Flickr when she saw this little doll and wanted similar clothes for her daughter's doll.
The result was the little doll above.


Since then that little cardigan , in the original yarn and variations has been made many times, each time a little different I might add.

There is no pattern, I make it up as I go along .

Several of the dolls were shipped before their photos were taken so I don't have all the incarnations of 'That Cardigan'.


The original yarn , a Cleckheaton wool is no longer manufactured and I can't get the original leggings fabric locally either.

Liliana's doll

Such a sweet little cardi, if I knew how to translate it to a pattern for young children I would give it a try.


For Grace's doll I used the very last ball of the original yarn, there is a tiny bit left over, maybe for a doll hat or something for a much smaller doll.
Instead of the usual skirt she has a dress using the original fabric and I cobbled together all the scraps of the stripey fabric to make the penultimate pair of original leggings, I have one more pair to make for Liliana's doll.

Gosh, it seems like the end of an era.

16 Responses to “That cardigan”

  1. Ah, Love the style of the sweater with it flowing out at the bottom. Right now my brand new knitting skills go to the raglan cardigan. I would love to learn to make that style. You inspire me in so many ways. Thanks. Jan

  2. The dolls are such a creation of love...I can tell that each one is crafted with hands of a mother!


  3. I like everything about the grassroots doll too. She is absolutely dreamy. Actually she reminds me a lot of my second daughter when she was little. Just love the way you use up every scrap in your cupboard.

  4. Those dolls are so sweet! Your outfits are the best, in my opinion, from the unders to the leggings and especially the knitwear! Just the best.

  5. Hi, Jenny - I read your posts each and every day and enjoy them all. The dolls are beautiful with their own soul, too.
    Looked on Yahoo!and typed in Cleckhorn Yarns. It seems they are still available - or did you just mean that particular yarn style is no longer available? At any rate, I expect you've already checked Yahoo! and Google for what you need...
    With love from the USA...

  6. Hi Anon, yes the companies yarns are widely available but that particular yarn in that colourway was discontinued last year. Thanks for trying though.

  7. Your dolls are so lovely it makes my heart ache. What a talent you have! Thanks for posting these photos!

  8. I love the swing of the cardigan. Just gorgeous- you should try making one for yourself:)

  9. That cardigan, stunning. The leggings divine. Love, love. love these dolls. Beautiful work - you are a true artist

  10. Bonjour de France. Vos poupées sont magnifiques, j'en ai Rarement vu d'aussi belles, félicitations. Brigitte.

  11. Just beautiful Jenny as always.
    Your dolls always make me smile.
    Blessings to you!

  12. Hi Jenny -- how did you make that dolls' curly hair??? It's amazing! Please reply!

  13. Hi Serendipity, the curly hair is made from unravelled knitting. Simple.


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