Cheery, cherry tomatoes

19 Feb 2010

cherry tomatoes

Such a bountiful crop of self sown tomatoes this year especially these little cherry ones.

ripe tomato marmalade

I discovered Tanya's  Grandma's Ripe Tomato Marmalade and thought it would be just the thing.

Such a simple recipe but I did change a couple of things.

The recipe calls for skinned and chopped tomatoes. 

Well cherry tomatoes are bite sized already and there is no way I was going to skin them.

So I used whole  cherry tomatoes complete with their little red jackets.

Basic cooking conditions

The other complication was that the marmalade needed to cook for about an hour and a half.

Now at the moment we don't have a cook top just this trusty little gas burner.

Stephen is in the process of  redesigning our bench top to accommodate the new ( to us ) electric cooktop we bought some months ago from someone at his work.

However progress is slow ( two weeks now) because of the new love of Stephen's life - his new pushbike.

He searched far and wide, near and far for many months for a new bike.
He loves to ride and he wanted something sleek and lightweight and beautiful to replace his old plodder.
I am glad this is a bike we are talking about.

Anyway he ended up buying one from a friend who lives just up the street.
Now he spends every spare moment either off riding or doing maintenance work on it.
Oh well.

Back to the marmalade.
I decided to cook it in the oven instead.
I did this last summer with some apricot jam mainly because our old gas cooktop knew only two settings, off and inferno and so the jam would catch unless you were there continually stirring and even then it was fraught.

I read something by Patrice Newell and she recommended making jams  in the oven so I gave it a try and it was great.

So I followed Tanya's instructions I just cooked it in a moderate oven instead, 1 hour with the lid on and then after adding the sugar, another half hour with the lid half off. then I took it out of the oven and as it was late I left it to cool overnight.
This morning I gently reheated it on the little gas burner  to make it easier to get into the jars.

And I have to say it is delicious.

ripe tomato marmalade on toast for breakfast, yum.

6 Responses to “Cheery, cherry tomatoes”

  1. Hi Jenny, I have a blue pot that matches yours.

  2. Jenny I saw the marmalade recipe too and will make it ... sounds yummy. The cherry tomatoes come up everywhere in the garden and the self-sown ones seem to grow so much stronger.
    I have never thought of cooking jam in the oven, it would save it sticking on the bottom and a more even heat. Will have a go at that too.
    Patrice Newell live in the same area as I do but do not know much about her.

  3. Those little tomatoes are so cheery indeed! Summertime goodness at it's best! Now I truly can't wait for summertime here in the U.S. All those homegrown veggies and going to the farmer's market for more!


  4. I love your blog. How did you start on this road to quasi self sufficiency and how do you get out of the financial burden that sees you stuck in a job becasue you have to pay the bills

  5. Well done Jenny, it looks like a great batch. I even had some on my sausage last night! It doesn't last long at my house.

  6. That looks so delicious - I can't wait to have tomatoes in the garden - a while yet though, the snow is coming down good and hard right now. I will bookmark this and hope I can find in in 6 months time!


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