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26 Feb 2010

Such a busy week , school swimming sports, Dad's birthday, Stephen home from a business trip, after school sport and music practice, and lots and lots of dolly work plus more today.

Weeks like this, when school especially is trying to organise my life, I find it difficult to stay focused, I so want to just bunk off and pretend I am not a responsible grown up.

So lots of dolly sized sewing today, lots of dolly clothes to make and finish off, dresses and skirts and shorts and bloomers and trousers and pyjamas and nightdresses and sun hats and blouses.
Lots of pretty fabric and ribbons and trims to play with.
That actually doesn't sound very grown up does it?

Better go and get to it.

3 Responses to “Some of this week's Flickr favourites”

  1. Oh, but so much fun! Your life is blessed beyond measure and you are rich indeed!


  2. Yes, one of the reasons I love it when the children are on school holidays is that school gets very bossy!(Lovely little school but I do need to be quite grown up and constantly paying attention, something my drifting mind finds hard.)

  3. With that amount of clothes to make thank goodness they are miniature sizes...but does that make the sewing more fiddly? I hope you can find time this weekend to escape to a peaceful spot to 'slow' down & unwind. from Jenny McH


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