Pinkie Pale

24 Feb 2010

house brownie

A couple of years ago Kate drew this picture to leave in the house of her friend Ruby.
We looked after the house Ruby's house and pets while she went off on holiday with her family.

I always intended to make her into a doll,  Pinkie Pale, the Head House Brownie.

I mustn't forget to do this.

7 Responses to “Pinkie Pale”

  1. I think that would be such a special keepsake!

  2. Pinkie Pale would be adorable! You should make her!


  3. How cute! My mother used to wish for the brownies to come. Sometimes they did!!

  4. Love the stockings (tights) and those special shoes.
    Best wishes to your Dad, sounds like he had a wonderful day. from Jenny McH

  5. absolutely adorable! What little girl doesn't dream of teensy brownies.

  6. she would make a beautiful doll Jenny.


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