New Kitty

14 Feb 2010


Yesterday this little guy, a kitten and his mittens, came to live at our house.
Just make yourself right at home little one.


We went to Hobart you see to take this guy down for a new year of Uni.
His share house is like walking into the set of The Young Ones but, well, you're only young once, right.


And we stopped for a little shop at the very lovely Barn Market


while the men folk, well two of them, went for a long bike ride along the Eastern Shore.
(Andy had a cricket match so he stayed home)


My kitty is from Little Black Crow who makes the most beautiful little characters.
She has more for sale here.


I am not sure what the other kitties who hang out on the top shelf  with Andy's clock think about the newcomer but I haven't heard any cat fights yet.

7 Responses to “New Kitty”

  1. Ha, a very cool cat! What subject is L studying at Uni?

  2. Rats! Craig and I were in Hobart too this weekend. Wish I had known about the market. Mind you we were very busy treasure hunting at the Glenorchy Tip Shop.

  3. Louis is doing an Arts /science degree, studying Physics, Maths, History and Philosophy.

  4. Happy Valentine's Day, Jenny! I love your new little kitty! VERY CUTE! We have bright, white snow today! Yikes!

  5. Gorgeous photos, again. I really, really, really wish you would make a book of your posts. I want all the yummy photos to browse through in book form. I would buy it--I would save up to have the money to buy it!

  6. Cute little kitty! No cat fights yet? Just wait until a full moon...


  7. Hi Jenny hi little Kitty!!
    It was wonderful to meet you after all this time!
    Oh I think Kitty will win over the other little cats on your shelf.
    Thank so much for your support for my critters!
    Hope we meet up again!




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