5 Feb 2010

Green pear

I woke this morning with a peaceful kind of Friday feeling.
You know, when you get to the end of the week and know that things are more or less on track, that your to do list is what can be achieved in a day, rather than a whole week because some how somewhere along the way you got horribly behind.

I have started to really give some thought to the Mathildas Market I am taking part in at the end of March.
It will be lots of work but I think it will be great.

Edie's doll
This is Edie's doll, she flew off earlier in the week

All the back to school stuff that can be organised is, or will be by the end of today.

And we have had rain, overnight, glorious rain and I think the mugginess of the past week or two ( how long has it been) has cleared, thank goodness.
It is strange how energy sapping the humidity can be.
Tasmanian heat is usually a clear clean heat and any humid days usually lead quickly to a cracker summer storm and we move on.
The past few summers though seem to have featured more bouts of this prolonged steamy heat.
We moved to Tassie to avoid this kind of weather and honestly we can't go much further south, next stop - Antarctica.


Miss Carrie is still sitting in the shop, well actually she is sitting on the bookshelf at the moment with little Pip but you know what I mean.
She looks a little sad and lonely.
I have tried to amuse her by restyling her hair and I am going to make her a little fluffy white kitten today so that will keep her busy until she finds a good home.

Carrie has found a home , thank you.

Hope you enjoyed the doll clothes tutorial.
The plan is to build on the basic vest over the weeks until I have you designing a whole wardrobe of clothes for your dolls.

Now, onward and upward!

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  1. I hope you do have a lovely day & a great weekend. I live in SW NSW & we have also had beautiful rain here - although currently it is very muggy.
    Just have to add that the dolls you make are just beautiful - you are very talented.
    Renata :)

  2. Hello again Jenny. I enjoyed yesterday's tute and look forward to the others. It's soooooo muggy here and has been for days. The escarpment is covered in thick white mist and, when it does rain, it's so heavy I fear for the chooks. (We check them regualarly and Tony tells me they are absolutely fine.) We have been promised super heavy rain and humidity all weekend, I'm earmarking Sunday to come and visit your archives.

  3. I enjoyed the cool break here today too, I saw on the weather radar yesterday all that lovely rain over Tassie, we had a decent share of it too.

  4. Shall I send you some snow? We've got plenty and are expecting more next week. Really, I don't mind, it's no trouble! If you want to cool off, visit my blog and look at the pictures. Oklahoma shouldn't be having such an extreme winter and I'm pretty sick of it. Oh, for some humidity (which we have in abundance during the summer and I love it!) The pear in the grass filled me with longing. Beautiful pics, your photography is very good!



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