I need a new apron

24 Feb 2010


This little apron was made for me by my Mum when I was just a little tot.
My goodness I did a lot of housework in my playhouse with this little number on.

My Dolly and Me, illustrated by Eloise Wilkin,1961

But I do need a new apron, every one I have is looking shabby.


9 Responses to “I need a new apron”

  1. You are so talented! I can't wait to see what you whip up for yourself!


  2. I love that EW art with the tiny little dresser and mirror. I remember that from my own childhood as well as when I read her books over and over to our children. A new apron sounds like a wonderful idea! My friend Sue at SuKnitwitty.blogspot is an apron-ista! She collects, she makes, she wears! Cool, huh?

  3. I love that you still have your childhood apron.
    Where is that illustration from?
    It looks familiar. Is it a Little Golden Book?

  4. Eloise Wilkin has always been my favorite illustrator of childrens' book. I don't think I've seen this particular illustration. Some of my favorites of her books are: The New Baby and We Help Mommy.

  5. This illustration is from the Eloise Wilkin book
    'My Dolly and Me'. It was my book when I was a tot and you can see I carefully coloured in the shoes and mirror.

  6. I am just meeting you. I love your little apron and have enjoyed reading through many of your posts today.

  7. We bloggers all seem to hoard 'treasures' from our pasts and isn't that great. Such a sweet apron Jenny. I have a similar one but it's not in such nice condition. My mum fostered a number of little kids when I was in my teens and I suspect my apron was worn by them all in turn. But I still treasure it with all its holes and frayed edges. Happy days! Eli

  8. I was going to ask where the picture of the little girl sweeping was from when I saw someone else ask the same thing. I'm pretty sure it was from We help Mommy, but I am obviously wrong. I loved that book. Oh the memories it has brought back!

  9. I am a huge fan of Eloise Wilkin and your lil apron reminds me of something directly out of her storybooks.



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