1 Feb 2010


Two little girls, cousins in fact


keeping each other company as only same age cousins can.
You remember the times you spent with someone who was so like you but so different, who shared a history but not quite, who understood.


Looking out for each other on the long journey to Japan.

Destined to be very special dolls, part of the Hinamatsuri, a celebration of girls and dolls and health and happiness.


Everyone needs a sweet sweet cousin.

(And Lorna, do these sweeties look just a little familiar.
I think they must be cousins of your family of dolls))

Three little dolls for three little sisters

6 Responses to “Hinamatsuri”

  1. Oh, so that's what the sweater was for! (It would still be adorable on my grandaughter if bigger!) Love the little dolls, absolutely precious!


  2. I usually read from my Google reader and don't take the time to leave a comment.

    However, these are so precious and I must tell you how much I appreciate you as an artist. Beautiful! Even the pictures make me happy. :)

  3. I remember reading about that festival as a young girl and thinking how wonderful a country must be to have a festival based on dolls. What beautiful dolls you have contributed!

  4. My goodness, these little dolls are adorable. I love their gingham dresses and matching sweaters. They remind me of my sister and I when we were young. She wore pink and I wore blue.

  5. Just had to pop by to say, How sweet your dolls are that are going to Japan.
    My daughter & my nephew have been great mates ever since they were tiny. from Jenny McH


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