Free range cat

20 Feb 2010

Why when she has the whole house and garden to sleep in , lots of comfy sunny soft spots to snuggle in,
why does she choose to sleep in  a super high traffic spot  in the hallway.

Is it a power thing?
See this is my house and  I can sleep anywhere I choose,
and yes I will growl at you if you walk too close, too loudly or stop to pat me when I am trying to get some sleep.

9 Responses to “Free range cat”

  1. Because the wood floor in the shade is cooler? I almost thought she'd prefer the sunny spot, but then remembered you are having summer while I am in winter. Pretty kitty...


  2. I know cats like yours! They seek out sunny spots indoors and also like human contact---so they love the high traffic areas. She is an adorable cat.

    By the way, I love the dolls you make. I've made some Waldorf dolls myself---but they were not nearly as expressive as yours.

  3. She is a beauty. We also have a long-haired Siamese (Birman, I've been told)that is rather particular and likes to remind us frequently that this is her house, not ours!

  4. She is a lovely cat what sort of cat is she!!!! Mine is a Balinesse!!! And she thinks that she is the boss. lol

  5. If she's anything like our Jemma-dog, it's so she can keep tabs on who goes where... she doesn't want to miss out ;)

  6. Our Buddy cat (22 pounds plus) loves to lounge in the middle of the kitchen. He kind of blends into the floor, and is impossible to move. (literally). Cats are so fun and quirky.

  7. That is beautiful. Do you have to brush her at all? That tail looks so fluffy.

    As for why she sleeps there? Have no idea, she is a cat it's not for us to question why but to just accept; and in the words of Garfield...' Feed me, love me, never leave me.'

    cheers Kate

  8. Your cats are beautiful Jenny:) Ours also sleep in the strangest of places...

  9. Cats always seem to lay in the way ...I think it is an attention thing with them.
    I have an award for you drop by when you have a chance and pick it up


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