Biddy gives me the stink eye

18 Feb 2010


Heard sounds of chickens very close by and thought they were in the kitchen but no, they were just outside the back door pecking over some chicken bones that I had left out for the cats.



The poor things they had no idea.
I gave them some old bread crusts to take the taste away.

Rumpled bed - love these colours togther

Almost decided to leave the bed unmade today.

I like this mix of colours so much and the thrifty goodness.

The pillowslips and the chenille bedspread are both from the op shop, the sheet has been repaired from where it got torn when it was on the line after it wrapped itself around the pear tree and an unknown child , bringing in the washing gave it a tug  to release it and rip!

The bed , of course , was built by Stephen.

Happy Thursday to you.

6 Responses to “Biddy gives me the stink eye”

  1. "Giving me the stink eye" :I'm going to use that expression at the very next opportunity-it's fabulous! I love your vintage linen too.

  2. what kind/breed of chickens are they? They are quite lovely.

  3. I have no idea what breed she is. We got our chooks from a local vet and they are all mixed breeds because they were all free range and many roosters visited. I do know that Biddy is completely insane, thinks she is a rooster and specialises in giving the stink eye.

  4. I do love that chenille bedspread! Hope that poor chicken doesn't suffer trauma over it's recent diet!


  5. Oh Yum! The chenille bedspread is still an amazing colour and doesn't it co-ordinate with so many colours.

  6. Is it your mother's fault too? It's my mother's fault that I am entirely unable to leave a bed unmade. Mum was never house fussy but she sure drilled it into me about the bed. Likewise washing up.


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